Selected Publications

My poem The Choir (mentioned below) was used to create a piece of music called The Hive, by my friend and choir leader, Jake Alexander. I wrote the words about the local community choir I sing with, Quaggy Community Choir. It was then turned into music by the choir it was written about. I love what Jake did with my words so much. The whole thing was a wonderful, moving experience. 

I had five micro poems published in the latest edition of Literary and Arts Journal Tipping the Scales. You can buy issue 3 that features my poems here.

My poem Solipsism was a Specially Commended poem on the Tales of Lockdown blog. You can read it here.

My poem Evolutionary Linguistics was included in the online newsletter for MAAT. I wrote it as part of Writing for a Substantially Altered World, an online climate literature workshop organised by the magazine It's Freezing in LA! and MAAT on the theme of Solastalgia.

You can find it here, but beware that you will only be able to view it properly on a desktop. 

My poem The Choir was published in this Special Deptford & Lewisham Edition of Token Magazine, as part of the Deptford Literature Festival. It's a poem about unity in community choir singing - an activity that's close to my heart. All of the writing in this issue is by writers living in Deptford & Lewisham, or is inspired by the area. You can buy a copy of the magazine, here

My poem Sarrancenia was published on the Ekphrastic Review in December 2019. It was a response to the painting on the left, Noe Valley by Matthew Rackham Barnes. My poem is the 13th one down, and you can find it here.

I didn't quite make it into this anthology but a haiku of mine Untitled was shortlisted and featured on #UsTogether onthe Wild Women Press website in March 2018. You'll have to scroll down to find my 17 syllables. Buy the anthology though - it's full of amazing, moving poetry. You can get it here

My essay Bless This Mess is featured in this anthology published in 2016. It's about my experience of first (forbidden) love against the backdrop of This Mess We're In by PJ Harvey. One of the reviews has this to say: "Of particular note are essays by Barney Harper, Susanna Donato, Susan Tepper and Dave Thorne. Their essays are fine examples of evocative and beautiful writing."

You can buy the anthology here.

My poem A Young Man Once was included in this anthology after being shortlisted in the Hysteria writing competition in 2016. I'm still very proud of the poem. You can buy the book here.